Advertising Schedule for 2015

Autumn 2015 – Bookings close 16 February with artwork due 27 February

Winter 2015 – Bookings close 25 May with artwork due 5 June

Spring 2015 – Bookings close 24 August with artwork due 4 September

Summer 2015 – Bookings close 06 November with artwork due 13 November


2015 Casual Colour Advertising Rates for Members*

Double page: $3,750 + $375 (GST)
Full Page: $2,250 + $225 (GST)
Half Page: $1,200 + $120 (GST)
Third page: $900 + $90 (GST)
Quarter Page: $700 + $70 (GST)
Eighth page: $400 + $40 (GST)

*Advertising for non-members attracts 25% loading

Preferred Positions

Preferred positions are offered subject to availability and incur the following loading:

Inside front cover: 10%
Inside back cover: 5%
Outside back cover: 15%

GST not included.

Bulk Booking Discount

Bookings of four or more editions receive a discount.
(Note: Advertisers are required to make up the full cost of a discounted published advertisement on cancellation of any of their remaining bookings)


Cancelling advertisements after the booking deadline incurs a cancellation fee of 100% of the fee charged by JATMS for the advertisment.

Submitting Advertisements

All advertisements must be submitted directly to Yuri Mamistvalov at

While all reasonable care is taken, the Journal does not accept any responsibility for the final quality of a published advertisement. The onus is on advertisers to provide high quality artwork in accordance with these specifications.


Payment is required when your advertisement is booked. There is a place for your credit card details on the booking form. Please send the booking form to

It is the responsibility of advertisers to comply with relevant Commonwealth and State Laws. Publication of advertisements does not imply endorsement by ATMS. The Editor reserves the right to refuse advertising that is unsuited to the interests of the readership. For further information or other enquiries please contact Yuri Mamistvalov at or 0419 339 865.

Download and print the ATMS Media Kit 2015